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Chancellor - Sri Balaji University, Pune

India is on the cusp of a tectonic shift. As we take on the leadership of G20, the country has emerged as a bright spot in the world economy. India has one of the youngest populations in the world, and their aspirations are sky-high. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a change in the priorities and dreams of Young India. We are a nation of 1.4 billion and 65% of us are tech-savvy, ambitious, and wildly creative youth. Is this democratic dividend a boon or a bane? Are we providing these bright young minds with the tools they need to carve a path for themselves? In 2023 India emerged as the third-largest start-up hub in the world with 68 Unicorns.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are buzzwords among the aspiring youth of India, and this is where Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP) comes in. We believe that problems are opportunities. Our goals are aligned with the hopes and aspirations of the youth of New India. As a University, our constant endeavor is to meet the expectations of students as they look to build a successful career for themselves, as well as the expectations of their parents, who dream of a bright future for their children. To do this, we aim to imbibe in our students the highest quality of education and hone their leadership skills, which in turn meets the expectations of corporates, who are on the lookout for a highly skilled pool of talent. We are of the strong belief that if we produce Gold, it will be Sold.

Prime Minister Modi has said that India will be the third-largest economy in the world soon. Aligning with his vision, our goal is to meet the expectation of the country in empowering the next generation, as it gathers momentum towards becoming a $5 Trillion economy.

Today, the government has come a facilitator and a partner in helping quality education.The National Education Policy (NEP) has brought about sweeping changes in the education sector. In the post-pandemic world, new career options are emerging, and students must be encouraged to pursue diverse streams. Keeping this in mind, SBUP has introduced new courses such as Liberal Arts and BSc in Actuarial Science. Students will be encouraged to expand their horizons and hone their creativity at the University. The University, in addition to new undergraduate programs like BA, BBA, BCA, and BSc, has also introduced, through its School of Law, a 3-year LLB program, a 5-year BA LLB program, and a 5-year BBA LLB program.

We have also launched an MBA in Technology Management, which will include three courses, namely (a.) Data Science & Business Analytics, (b.) Digital Marketing & Business Analytics & (c.) Product Management & Business Analytics

To cater to the needs of a versatile generation, we have launched an online learning and digital school, where we will offer courses on our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), for which content will be produced with the help of world-class infrastructure such as a full-scale MOOC studio. We have also launched proprietary Management Development Programmes (MDP) to further strengthen the leadership skills of students and working corporates.

The next few months are an exciting time for us at SBUP. We are in the process of signing new MoU’s with the nation’s leading corporates and innovation hubs, to facilitate greater collaboration. We have launched SRUJAN- an Entrepreneurship Development Cell & incubation Centre (EDIC), aiming to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and create an eco-system to promote fresh ideas and bright new talent. We have also recently tied up with T-Hub, a premier innovation hub and ecosystem enabler. Our R&D Cell will also work in tandem to research new ideas and innovations.

To raise awareness about sustainability on campus, bring in technology advancements, and collaborate with different institution bodies, staff, and students to implement sustainable technologies at our University, we have launched a Sustainability Cell. We are committed to promoting sustainable development.

At SBUP, sports are viewed as much more than a form of relaxation. We believe that sports are a very good way of team building. Sport brings out leadership qualities in individuals we can identify and hone. This is why our revamped Department of Sports, Recreation, and Wellbeing (DSRW) is committed to keeping our students physically fit throughout their time on campus. Our students alsovolunteer for various tasks under NSS activities, which helps them become confident, develop leadership skills, and learn about different people from different walks of life. We also encourage student clubs, so that students have more avenues to express themselves.

At SBUP, we have a unique pedagogy of preparing students for success in their careers through corporate lectures by leading industry experts, throughout the year. We have also developed a close relationship with industry bodies such as IMC, NHRD, and CII, to ensure greater industry connections.

We believe that to stay ahead of the curve, we must constantly upgrade ourselves. Our University has infrastructure that is regularly updated as per global standards. We have distributed cutting-edge laptops and PCs to our faculty, to aid their teaching efforts. We also offer Research Grants to our faculty toincentivize them to upskill themselves. We also offer scholarships to the most deserving students, so that they can pursue their dreams without worry. At SBUP, we consider our students, our faculty, our trainers, and even corporates as our stakeholders, and we are committed to looking after their interests.

At SBUP, the focus is not just on academic growth, but also on the holistic development of the individual. True change can be brought about only when a nation has diligent, talented, and conscientious citizens. Over the decades, the University has fine-tuned and perfected a blend of discipline, innovation, and individual mentorship which has ensured that its graduates aren’t just sought-out corporate assets, but also fine human beings.

As a University, our all-encompassing aim is to contribute to the betterment of society. Whether it is organizing blood donation camps, contributing to government initiatives such as the Smart City project, or developing students who are modern in their thinking, but still steeped in Indian values, we are determined to do our bit for nation-building.