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Sri Balaji University strives for the holistic development of its student managers. Thus adequate attention and opportunities to excel beyond the classroom are provided. Student managers may participate, perform, and assist in the arrangement of various competitions, festivals, and cultural events at the University.

Some of the events that are held annually are :




A long-running tradition at Sri Balaji University, the Aiyaswamy Cultural Competition, is held every year at the end of the induction period in the spacious Ranganathan Auditorium. The Aiyaswamy Cultural Competition was first introduced in the year 2015 before which it was known as the fresher’s party. Except for the name, nothing much has changed. It was conducted and participated in the same energy, zeal, fervor, and enthusiasm. In fact, the craze and anticipation for the fest amongst the student managers have only increased since then. Apart from the 2 days of break from regular classes what adds enthusiasm to the students is the prize money and a trip to Goa. The winning group is awarded a cash prize of INR 1, 50,000/- and a trip to Goa. This year, River Sabarmati won the Aiyaswamy Cup and the trip to Goa. Learn more


Drishti is an annual, pan-University event involving all the four institutes of Sri Balaji University. Drishti offers something for everyone. For the budding business barons, there is an opportunity to participate in a business quiz or draw out a business plan. For the culturally inclined, the event offers an occasion to participate in musical contests or showcase their creativity in designing costumes for the fashion show. The athletic ones can partake in the sports event which is conducted on the college grounds or in the indoor sports area.

Thus, Drishti is an opportunity for every student manager in the University, juniors, and seniors, faculty and staff members alike to participate on and off the stage and presents them the opportunity to win a cash prize of INR 1,50,000, the coveted Rathininathammal Trophy and the unchallenged glory of victory for themselves and their institute.


It goes without saying that each student manager who joins the Sri Balaji University is a welcome part of the University. However, a formal welcome is extended in the form of The fresher’s party which affords an opportunity for the student managers to showcase their best performance and talent. This event is an institute specific event and the various sections of the MBA batch compete amongst themselves to win a cash prize of INR 1,50,000 and the opportunity to visit Goa.

Apart from these main events, parties and get-togethers are frequently arranged in the University. To celebrate the mini-India spirit of the University, all Indian festivals are celebrated with great fervour.