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HOSTEL - A World Within a Campus

Home away from home is the experience our students cherish while staying in the hostel at Sri Balaji University, Pune. Congestion-free accommodation nestled in a fully secured campus with recreational facilities creates a peaceful and focused environment. Accommodation is organized in a ‘cluster’ format with residential spaces for 12 students in each cluster. Each floor contains eight clusters with four floors appointed for the students in the hostel building. Also, the rooms are appropriately furnished and each student is allotted a lockable steel almirah for the safety of their personal belongings.  A cluster friend is appointed for each floor and discipline is strictly maintained. The hostel facility is available to both male and female candidates. It is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis due to a limited number of seats. Students who are not able to get hostel accommodation can avail of rented accommodation in close proximity to the campus (assistance will be provided).

SBUP Hostel Facilities at a Glance :

  • Comfortable Accommodation for over 600 Students
  • Fully Equipped Gym / Tennis Court / Badminton Court / Basketball Court /  Swimming Pool
  • Laundromat on the hostel premises

Medical facility

  • 24 X 7 Medical Room and Ambulance with Doctor 24 X 7 for treating minor and miscellaneous ailments


  • Highly active security team with CCTV Monitoring Unit for round-the-clock security of the students

Students Grievance Cell

  • We take serious note of students’ complaints against the staff or batch-mates. A highly experienced team is involved in maintaining discipline and comfort for the students

Cosmopolitan Environment

  • We believe in unity in diversity. Here, students can follow their faith within the rules and regulations of the university