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The combined collection of books from all four institutes is more than 2,10,000 books. This huge and ever-growing collection comprises textbooks, reference books, books related to business and management, and many more. The library has subscribed to about 185 journals and magazines comprising international and national editions along with subscriptions to 26 local and national newspapers. The latest and most updated reading and research material are aimed at encouraging students to understand and implement management research ideas and global business strategies.

Connected Online

Libraries have arrangements for sharing information and knowledge from several national and international online libraries and databases such as NDL- National Digital Library, EBSCO- EBSCO Management Collection & eBook Business Collection. Online subscriptions and editions to journals such as Human Resource Development Review, Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies, and many others.

Also, 14 online journals and databases are made available for the students and faculty for study and research.

Audio – Video Collection

Each library possesses more than 345 CDs related to various subjects like the psychometric test, IQ tests, ET in Class Room, aptitude tests, and CDs on Faculty Seminar Series published by Harvard Business School are also available.

The reading rooms are equipped with comfortable chairs and desks with a seating capacity of approximately 120 to 180 students. The libraries also have reprographic facilities for the students and faculty members. Each library is empowered with computer systems catering to the e-library and reference needs of its members and visitors.