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Business Analytics today is considered as a sunrise sector providing rapid growth and considerable career opportunities starting with Business Analytics professionals. Experts believe that in years to come the demand for Business Analytics professionals would grow at a very rapid pace.

Sri Balaji University, Pune offers a two year M.B.A. specializing in Business Analytics. Business Analytics department of the University has the singular task of honing people skills and producing industry ready Business Analytics professionals. Business Analytics department of the University is fully equipped to come up to the expectations of high order.

The Business Analytics department under the aegis of Sri Balaji University Pune also offers Research programs. Academicians and Corporate Professionals will find such Research Program a good avenue to fuel their research interests and contribute to the body of knowledge and find solutions to corporate issues.

The two year M.B.A. program with Business Analytics as specialization prepares a well-rounded professional with good managerial knowledge and exposure to the basics as well as advanced topics pertaining to business analytics. The course covers a blend of core management subjects as well as technology related to Business Analytics. The subjects include Principles and practices of management, Organizational Behaviour, Financial Management, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Business Communication, Operations and Supply Chain, Human Resource Management, Cost and management accounting, business law, operational Management, Quantitative Techniques, Management Information Systems, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Managing Information Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, business statistics and analytics, advanced Excel, python programming, Basics of Business Intelligence, R Programming, Marketing Analytics (I and II) , Financial Analytics (I and II), Retail Analytics, HR analytics, Web and Mobile Analytics, SAP overview, Data Visualization using Tableau, Machine Learning using R and Python. The students are also encouraged to take additional certification in relevant SAP Module


The students of Analytics department have witnessed excellent placements in the last two years with a steadily rising salary.



Dr. Milind Oka